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NAG Innovation Scholarship

To enter email submissions to

Deadline to enter is April 9, 2014. 

The E-town Connection

Nuts About Granola® was created at Elizabethtown College by ‘09 graduate, Sarah Lanphier, in conjunction with her business courses. The idea for the company came out of the need for a fundraising concept for the triathlon team (which she started and on which she competed). Sarah took her recipe for peanut butter granola, packaged it, sold it for the fundraiser and made enough to cover the team’s entire trip to nationals. For the remaining three years of Sarah’s time at Elizabethtown, she developed the business hand-in-hand with the college’s faculty and staff. In 2008, the company was officially incorporated, and the Jay's Nest became the company’s first wholesale account! Fast forward three years, thousands of pounds of granola, a Rachael Ray Show appearance, 35 plus media publications, a trip to the Emmy® Awards and two retail locations and you have a company that is poised to give back to the school that made it all happen.

About the Scholarship

The annual Nuts About Granola® Innovation Scholarship will be funded by a portion of the proceeds from the co-branded, E-town Carrot Cake Granola. It will be awarded to a full-time Elizabethtown College student who demonstrates innovative thinking, creativity and a passion for healthy living.

Full Circle Approach

The Nuts About Granola® Innovation Scholarship is innovative in its own right. The scholarship is funded through a full circle approach. Nuts About Granola produces the granola for sale to students, alumni and friends of the College. A portion of the proceeds from the sales funds the scholarship. As granola sales increase, so does the scholarship fund. So in the end, the consumer enjoys the granola, the company enjoys profits and the Elizabethtown College students benefit from the scholarship. A full circle, sustainable effort.

2014 Scholarship Theme: What if?

The simple question, “What if?” has been the starting point for monumental change and innovation. At Nuts About Granola® they constantly ask themselves, “what if?”… “What if we can make a better product, using better ingredients and still be competitive?”

Entrepreneurship is all about the what-ifs, challenging the status quo and seeking for a better way to do something. Everyone can think of a time when they thought to themselves, “what if it was done this way?”.

This year’s scholarship challenges students to ask themselves “What if?”  and take a photo of something they would change for the better. It can be as simple as the design of a pencil or as complicated as using your phone to process credit cards.

Applicant Criteria

• Must be a current full-time student at Elizabethtown College.

• Open to First Year, Sophomore and Junior students in all majors.

Application Procedure

• Sign-on to the Nuts About Granola® Facebook page at: 

•Take an image that represents a product, service or process that can be changed for the better. The image must be original.

• Include a description of why/how you would change this product, service or process for the better.

• Multiple submissions are permissible. Please email all entries to

• The application period is March 1- April 9, 2014.

• The award recipient will be announced at the Annual Student Awards Day on April 17, 2013

Evaluation Criteria

• Images must be original, no photo editing allowed.

• Images and descriptions must be examples of a product, service or process that can be changed for the better

• The evaluation committee is looking for interesting, creative, unusual, or innovative examples.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.

There must be a complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant. We acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Download the official brochure.

To enter email submissions to



2013 Scholarship Theme: Incorporating Healthy Eating into a College Lifestyle

Healthy eating can mean many things to many people. Nuts About Granola is an advocate for a whole food diet, one rich in fresh foods free of artificial ingredients, additives and preservatives. They work to educate consumers on the benefits of real food as well as offer a selection of products to aid a healthy lifestyle. It can be a challenge to maintain good eating habits in a college environment with buffet style dining halls, crazy class schedules and the stress of a full academic load. This year’s scholarship challenges students to take a photo of an innovative way a student can incorporate healthy eating into their college lifestyle.

Congratulations to our 2013 winner: Faith Walter!

NAG 009
NAG 009

Read more about her winning entry here.

Congratulations to our 2012 winner: Tyler Kunkle!

Sarah Lanphier and Tyler Kunkle
Sarah Lanphier and Tyler Kunkle

Read more about his winning entry here.

Download the official brochure