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Scrumptious Gifts

Unique, local gifts are always everyone’s favorite. Choose from one of our handcrafted gifts below or contact us and we can customize your corporate or large gift orders.

    • originial-four-gift-set

      Original Four Gift Set

    • perfect-paleo-gift-set

      Perfect Paleo Gift Set

    • spice-it-up-gift-set

      Spice-it-up Gift Set

    • sarahs-savory-snacks-gift-set

      Sarah’s Savory Snacks Gift Set

    • granola-fanatic-gift-basket

      Granola Fanatic Gift Basket

    • hometown-favorites-gift-set

      Hometown Favorites Gift Set

    • 12-pack-stocking-stuffers-gluten-free

      12 pack stocking stuffers – Gluten Free

    • forager-gift-set

      Forager Gift Set

    • mini-sampler-set

      Mini Sampler set

    • 12-pack-stocking-stuffers

      12 pack stocking stuffers

    • sweatshirt-front

      Nuts About Granola Sweatshirt